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To maximize safety, it requires very highly developed technique and lots of experience but when implemented by a very skilled and highly experienced surgeon , it is reported to have no disadvantages, no side-effects and no complications. I already did some research on the net, but I am a somewhat puzzled by how few information is available on this subject. General or sedation anesthesia. Proper wound care on the incision site for the penile lengthening procedure should be observed. US funny man to give up his American citizenship - desperate to become a Thai. The doc come in that morning and assessed everything and was happy for me to go after lunch. Probably most troubling, scarring may leave you with a penis that is shorter compared to what you began with.

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Post Operative Complications & Penis Enlargement

I took them up on the offer because they just made everything so much easier and there food was really nice for hospital food. The next day the doc seen me again everything was good. But I was just really comfortable good food sevice cable tv etc.

My flight back home to Australia was booked for 7 days after surgery. When I say stitches I mean the in the area where the graft was inserted. This is where the problem started. I arrive back in australia all excited everything is good after day nine I go to bed I wake up in excrutiating pain I had a erection after a couple of minutes it goes away. In the morning I wake up I removed the wrap I was told to wear. And I realise I have torn a stitch so for a few days I just try to keep it clean etc.

After a week it wasnt really healing and the wound started to get bigger and I noticed that I could see the graft trying to swell out it was a white colour I by now I was really worried. A discharge was starting to ooz out I got in contact with my doc he told me to keep it clean an keep squeezing what I thought was puss out. It wastnt puss it was actually the the fat graft it had a strange smell and it was a pink colour really strange.

I decided to fly back to bangkok. Just to give you an idea I would have squeezed out close to a desert spoon of fluid on the nine hour flight back. When I arrived the doc had a look and removed a lot of the graft which by then had turned white. I stayed there for another week a little more graft was removed the discharge stopped and I was left with next to nothing. The doc said it would take around 2 to wks to heal he wouldnt stitch it back up he just said has to heal itself.

To this day the wound is still open, It just starts to heal and then I go to bed go to sleep by accident get an errection and it tears again. It is getting better but i am really over it. To date I have gained 0. So my experience is not that good and for those who are looking at surgery Id ask your doc where the incision are going to be made and Id stay away from the area where I had mine. I really dont know what he was thinking cutting me there.

Feb 28, Personally I would be very careful with Thailand. I spent quite a bit of time there in the early '90s. One of my friends wrecked his rental motorbike while there and screwed up his leg in a bad way. Had to go to a hospital in Bangkok, place looked modern, clean, etc He ended up getting a nasty infection that damn near killed him.

Had to go back to Hawaii to get fixed up correctly. The last story you posted reminds me of that. I haven't been back there in many years, so I don't know if things have changed.

I would check it out fully though. It would suck to save a few bucks and have your dick just about fall off, literally. Mar 1, 3: Dear Matthew, That's right. Scaffold technique is first taught by Dr. He came to our clinic for demon about 6 years ago. That's why, we learn from him. The lenght of scaffold is 5 cm. If you need more, we have to use double. Their owner is from Korea. But their manufacter and lab is in China.

The owner came to Thailand 2 weeks ago. We know him about 4 years refered by Dr. The widen after Scafold can not gain a lot. It can be increase about 4 cm at most. It is not like injection or any other kind of material. We do only Scafold. Therefore, patient who want to do Penile widening with scaffold should not highly expectation of a lof of increase. Mar 3, 2: Hi there mathew, I am paso from mynewsize forum. I dropped the now I just use paso. I wouldnt recommend the surgery which I had around 15 months ago.

Obviously you have read my post if you have any other questions feel free to ask. I will try to post a pic so you can see the scaring which is about 6" long in my groin area and a scar on my shaft about 1" where graft was inserted. Mar 3, 3: Also alot of stress, unable to work for almost 2 months due to all the dramas associated with the healing process and absolutely no gain at all I just wish i had have researched more!!!

On the positive side I also got my teeth done in bangkok very cheap and I am very happy with the results ;D. Mar 3, Hi there EP, pmma sounds very promising. Wish I had know of Dr casvantes before I signed up for my fiasco And yes we are talking Ducati. Sadly I had to sell my monster shortly after returning from bangkok due to loss of income. Mar 4, 3: Hi paso thanks so much for replying. I have to admit, one of the things thats attractive about thailand is the cost.

I rang up dr colin moore in Australia, maybe you have seen his website, i think hes the only aussie doc aloud to do dermal grafts, his site says he has a patent on it. Holy Moly man, that 12 times more than thailand and 4 times more than dr krakovsky in the US. I plan on staying around for 3 weeks after surgery, to be near the doc, if i did this in the US, hotels will cost me too much, plus to have enough backup money for possible problems, its just not within my bank balance reach.

Or do i go to thailand, with docs that have not performed dermal grafts as many times as a grand master, but i will be within shouting distance of their office for three weeks if anything goes wrong, such as a torn stitch, and also have enough funds to go back immediately after that three weeks when im back in Australia.

Thanks kind of how im looking at it. So i was wondering how much he charged you to get it fixed when you arrived back in thailand?? I thought they normally do it in the abdoman or buttocks, so i was hoping to have it done where my bum meets my legs. Hopefully to hide the scar more, also i thought they took out two grafts and sewed them together, because otherwise the graft would be too wide.

Theres so much confusion on dermal grafts for me because there is such limited information on the internet. The other was on maxyousize. Im confused as to why they cut you on the shaft, i thought all the other surgeons seem to cut in the pubic hair area, that way it hides the scar for dermal grafts.

Also, you say he stitched you just behind the glands, this sounds good to me because i dont like the idea of a free floating graft, id hope he would stitch it at the base aswell. Do you think the actual penis surgery was below what was expected, excluding the donor scar??

I get the impression that everything would have been successful if the stitches had not burst. Also, did the doc tell you how many times he had performed the operation?? Mar 4, 5: Hey there mathew, Yeah mate I have been to see dr colin moore he is full of shit. Thinks he is the only one around who can do dermal grafts. Yes he is the only one in australia who does dermal and I think this should tell you something Too many complications and very few happy patients.

They both perform fft. Not sure how much research you have done but this is a procedure where fat is taken from your guts or your arse cheeks and injected into the shaft it is an old procedure.

At first poor results such as uneveness and more importantly fat reabsorbsion occured. From what I have read new techniques have been developed such as staged fft. I will now try to answer you questions. Penis augmentation surgery should only be performed for medical reasons.

Patients should discuss the surgery with the urologist to establish the best treatment options and to choose which procedure is the most suitable option. Patients are advised to refrain from eating and drinking in the hours preceding the surgery, in order to prepare for the general anesthetic. Penile augmentation surgery may be performed by cutting the suspensory ligament.

This allows part of the penis that is usually inside the body to drop and can the length of the penis. After the surgery, it may be necessary for the patient to use weights and stretching devices for a couple of months, in order to prevent the ligament from reattaching. To increase the girth of the penis, a graft of fat is taken from elsewhere in the body and is injected into the shaft of the penis.

Both penis lengthening and enlargement can be performed simultaneously. Patients will usually need to attend check-ups with their surgeon days after surgery, and may be prescribed with medication to limit erectile function immediately after the operation.

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