Penis Enlargement Surgery

Using grafts that are proven to have positive outcomes by the medical industry, is one part of the formula for success. Any male that gets his penis worked on wants it to look and function completely naturally. Solomon to anyone seeking out male enhancement surgery. For years, off label use has been implemented in the United States when existing products are used for new purposes. A tummy tuck can solve this problem. He had also performed many corrective procedures with positive outcomes—Yep, I am one of them. My insurance approved it and I have completed my first rounds and have begin to use a molding devise.

How Our Penis Enlargement Surgery Works


He has included some penile phalloplasty photos on this page that show both penile lengthening and widening. Other doctors have viewed post surgical patients and cannot even tell an operation was performed. The entry point is hidden from view and after several days of healing it looks completely natural.

Our future enlargement clients often ask to see before and after pictures to know what they can expect with surgery. We have included photos of penises that have been enlarged permanently in both width and girth.

Feel free to ask any questions about the surgical procedure and non-surgical options. Our staff is discreet and honors confidentiality. Our doctors have now have expanded our options for penis extensions. Steven Morganstern after of decades of research in finding the best way to enlarge the penis non-surgically. Request an enlargement consultation call back below to discuss all enhancement options. Our male patient representatives will help you navigate your options and explain the procedures to you.

We are here to answer any questions you may have and help you determine the best solution for you. We are always discreet and maintain confidentiality. Your Phone Number required. Are you a smoker? What is your current height? Triple augmentation male enhancement surgery consists of three surgical procedures performed during the same surgery: Triple augmentation surgery was developed in order to satisfy customers who want to save time and money when undergoing these three surgeries.

Men usually like to have several enhancements done during the single procedure, and triple augmentation surgery is the most popular choice today. In triple augmentation surgery, the patient gains length, girth, and glans size at the same time. The average length that a patient gains from male lengthening surgery is 2 to 4 centimeters. Girth enhancement surgery can increase the circumference of the shaft to a maximum of 30 percent of the preoperative measurement. The majority of the triple augmentation patients involved in this study reported that they felt much sexier after the surgery than before it.

Once lengthening surgery is complete, girth and glanular enhancement surgery begin with a second incision. Currently, there are only two types of permanent graft available to increase the thickness. The first type of graft uses the patient's own skin dermal fat graft, or DFG. The second type of graft uses cadaver skin AlloDerm. This second type of graft is FDA approved for surgeries that require skin substitute material.

I think his graft selection method is better than using a single material for all patients. In addition to providing complete coverage with the graft, Dr. Solomon made every effort to prevent and minimize potential scaring.

For my procedure, he made the incision down the midline of the scrotum. Other doctors stated they would place the incision at the base of the penis, which is more visible. The end result was no scarring, and I have to look very hard to see anything had been done.

Solomon places a high degree of effort and focus on post-op care. In contrast, other doctors send you home with an instructional DVD, and follow up with text messages. He made daily in-person visits for days after the procedure to ensure the healing process was on the right track, and would adjust the protocol as needed.

Even after I went home, Dr. Solomon contacted me on a regular basis to make sure I was doing well and healing. In office visits were always encouraged, but Dr.

If I had any question or concern about the after care or healing process, Dr. Solomon or Jennifer was always available and happy to provide the correct and best answer. If I elect to repeat the procedure for increased girth, I would choose Dr. I have to review Dr. Solomon because I see so little reviews and some of these other doctors here have dozens and hundreds many undeserving and Dr.

Solomon is top of the line, a hidden gem. I traveled several times from New York City to Philadelphia to see him. He made such huge improvements that my original plastic surgeon even refused to touch telling me no improvement is possible.

Solomon proved him wrong. Anyway, I can go on and on singing his praises. Make an Appointment with Dr. Solomon and his staff are amazing! They go above and beyond to help you feel comfortable in their office.

I would recommend Dr. Solomon to anyone seeking out male enhancement surgery. In next week or so, the fat graft shifted and did not take as intended, leaving A special thanks to Dr. Solomon and his staff for putting up with my endless questions both before and after surgery.

I just had my post op photos taken and am even more pleased than I thought when comparing with my before photos.

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