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This site uses cookies to enhance your browsing experience Learn more. The zero side effects of the pills ensure that you can enjoy your enhanced sexual life for a long time. They first met at a seminar where Johnson had been attending. These are all professional photos done in a tasteful manner in order to show potential customers what this extender can do for them. Contents 1 Case Study 1: This simple trick works on most extenders - Size

Using the Extender


As a penis enlargement pill, no other brand comes close to what Progentra can offer to its users. The real results of penis enlargement could be measured at different periods during the supplementation.

For some users, it may take as quickly as 4 weeks, while some would require a bit longer — between weeks for the peak erection size. Progentra works consistently to increase erection size by enhancing blood flow and libido, which forces penile tissue to expand. As with every other supplement or drug, individual results may vary. The rate of growth, and the change in size depend on various factors such as age, lifestyle, diet, health, and sexual activity.

How big you can get can depend on your starting point, and how long you take Progentra. The best results ever recorded was getting 2 inches added to size, starting from a 3-inch erect penis, within a span of 4 weeks. See my review for more info. Is a ball round or square? SizeGenetics Before and After Pics a Don Rock , December 19, Penis Extender Buyers Guide Please read this guide before buying a penis extender to avoid getting ripped-off or making the Learn about what treatment methods work!

Penis Extender Mod 1 Want to get the most from your penis extender? This simple trick works on most extenders - Size Marshon Daron August 12, at 5: My penis is 2. I just wanna be 5 and content. Should I invest in this process product? Don R August 13, at Don R June 27, at 1: Leave a Reply Cancel reply Comment. Name required E-mail required Is a ball round or square?

After a couple of weeks, your penis muscles and tissues get conditioned to the effects. You go one day without these steroids, and your physical, psychological and sexual stability goes out of the window.

Hence, this method is also ruled out. You come across many reviews and feedback which confirm that. However, there is a small catch with these extenders. What does that mean? You have to read between lines. The Extenze pills consist of a majority of natural ingredients that make your stability, stamina and performance powers last longer. The zero side effects of the pills ensure that you can enjoy your enhanced sexual life for a long time. Michelle and David have been happily married for 17 years now , and their son is a teenage boy, himself looking for a girlfriend to date.

The couple suddenly felt the urge to go back on their honeymoon journey one fine day. David was thrilled as the proposal came from Michelle. However, their experience was no different from that of Johnson whom we saw in the earlier case study. David was an intelligent man who had heard about Extenze and its natural effects. He had a strip of these highly effective pills with him, and he decided to try them out. To the surprise of the couple, the rest of their honeymoon proved to be very much fruitful and result oriented.

They found their romantic love back all over again. Today their smiling Extenze results pictures show it. Contents 1 Case Study 1: Money Back Guaranteed Included! Related Posts Phallosan Forte Gains: How To Enlarge Your Penis?