Do Drugs For Penis Enlargement Work?

Step 3 Stretch the penis vertically, pulling the head down between your thighs and making sure that you do not cause pain, and hold for anywhere between 5 and 10 seconds. Although these products may help some men to temporarily feel like they have a fuller erection, a pump can only fill the space that already exists, but doesn't make that space any larger. Nobody has ever had any unwanted side effects from PenisEnlargementGym. There aren't enough studies of penis-enlargement surgery to give an accurate picture of risks and benefits. Casavantes L, et al. Man With The Biggest Penis: Penis Enlargement Cream and pills is also:

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Penis-enlargement products: Do they work?

These so called penile enlargement drugs do NOT work the way they are advertised. For now… there is NO drug that you can take to make your penis bigger. In future maybe such drugs would be invented. Anytime I tell some Nigerian men on phone or email that there is no drug that can enlarge their penis, they just seem so shocked.

My guess is that the ease of just taking a drug to grow their penises is something they really like… so it is hard for them to accept that natural penis enlargement does NOT work that way.

I would try to explain a little bit about why buying any of these drugs for penis enlargement is just a waste of your money. You are not the only many that is interested in enlarging his penis… in fact millions of men in Nigeria alone are looking for a way to get a bigger penis.

So many men have made use of things like: These products do NOT work… buying them is a waste of time and money. The instance you clocked 19 years of age, your penis stopped growing naturally.

As at now, there are no drugs or hormones that you can use to grow your penis. So many sellers claim on their websites how their own brand of penis pills would trigger cell multiplication and penis tissue growth… they are all lies. These things are not based on real science. They just throw a few scientific terms to confuse any man that is desperate to get a larger penis. There are a few brands of penis pills that give a penis exercise program as a bonus and the sellers recommend that you must follow the penis exercise program while taking their penis pills if you want to see results.

According to their explanation, taking their drugs as you do the penis exercises regularly would give your penile tissues the stimulation that to grow both from inside and outside your body. These sellers would claim that this is a way to get the best possible penile growth in a shorter period of time and it would make your gains stay permanent.

When exercising your penis, you would be using manual effort with your hands to expand and stretch the penis so that the penile tissues are receiving a stress that they are not used to which cause tiny tears inside them. After you are done with your penis exercise session, the penile tissues start to heal and re-grow to slightly larger sizes. Whether you take these drugs for penis enlargement or not, your penile tissues would repair themselves and re-grow to stronger and bigger sizes. There are so many brands of penis drugs that are sold online… so the safety of each brand basically depends on their ingredients list.

The problem with these supplements is that Yohimbe is an ingredient that you should NOT be taking frequently… it would give you a lot of serious negative side effects such as: And since all the drugs for penis enlargement demand that you swallow 1 — 3 tablets daily for a period of 3 — 12 months, it is clear why you MUST stay away from any product that has the herb called Yohimbe.

There are no penis enlargement pills that can make your penis bigger on their own! Only few pill companies actually give you a natural penis enlargement exercise program to go with their pills. But the exercises are written very poorly, lack detailed advice and are extremely ineffective.

Some guys have actually emailed me that they bought some so called penis enlargement drugs from a particular shop in Ikeja Lagos, Nigeria and used these pills for months yet their erect penis did not get bigger. The only thing these pills do is to increase blood flow to your penis and maybe give you slightly stronger erection but as for long term gains? If you decide to try those expensive and useless herbal penis enlargement medicines, you will have wasted your money and you will still come back here.

The guys selling those so called penis enlargement pills do not offer you any guarantee. All they tell you is that it would work. Well so many guys have emailed me and told me that they do not work! This method of penis enlargement was practiced by Egyptian Pharaohs for many years.

Some guys claim weight hanging has actually enlarged their penis. One inch in 2 years? Asides the unnecessary delay, weight hanging can sometimes stretch the ligaments too much and can cause serious problems and possibly even impotence.

Weight hangings cannot give you a thicker penis so what you would likely get is a thin, stretched out weak looking penis and this is after many years. Why is the PenisEnlargementGym. Are you thinking of surgery? She wanted a flat tummy instead she landed in a coffin! Stella Obasanjo did her surgery in a first class plastic surgery clinic in Spain, yet she died, what happens when you do your surgery in Nigeria, Ghana or any African country?

Surgery is expensive and dangerous. A where surgery is big business so many newspaper articles and court cases have arisen from penis enlargement surgery when it's gone wrong.

It costs millions of N aira a lot of M oney and can cause a lot of sexual related problems. Surgery is painful and there is no guarantee. The surgeons cannot even guarantee that you would be alive after the surgical process. Surgery can cause irreversible damage to your penis. It should be avoided at all costs. You can start enlarging your penis right now, to improve your life, increase your confidence and have a magnificent sex life.

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