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It is affordable, efficient and reliable. Clearly men's underwear is coming into its own as a fashion item and I can only imagine it getting more interesting and more fun down the road. Calvin Klein's strap technology operates as a less constricting version of a c-ring but follows the same principle of pulling your balls and penis outward. For your comfort and convenience, the package includes an easy to follow instructions on how to use this wonder brief. N2N Bodywear Titan jock with snap front pouch detached to reveal fabric panel interior with c-ring cutout.


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It lightly stretches your penis to give it a longer appearance while adding plenty of girth as well. When worn regularly, the device will actually train your penis to hang longer and reduce turtling. Wearing the innerwear eliminates retraction that can lead to a negative effect on your confidence. Our design lengthens the penis up to twice its normal flaccid size while adding plenty of extra girth too!

These extra components work together to give you a longer extension, fatter girth and better durability. The Corkscrew sold separately can be worn on top of your Innerwear for an active all-day stretch.

Simply slide it on and twist the last few coils to secure in place. This targets the inner-ligaments of your penis to gain length faster. Receive updates on discount deals, free giveaways and product announcements.

Stealth is the most effective and unique male enhancement underwear for men looking to boost their size, self-confidence and sex appeal. These lines of underwear have been around for a while but only recently have so many manufacturers started turning out jocks, briefs and boxerbriefs with these extended pouches.

The primary engineering concept is that the cut of the pouch is made larger and modeled more closely to a guy's anatomical shape in order to allow the package to be "wrapped" and not confined in any way. I've found these designs can be a bit hit or miss and it really depends a lot on your "size" to fill out the pouch.

This category of underwear typically lets your balls hang lower in the pouch and as such will provide a better side profile. Due to the lower hanging pouch the look of your package from the front view may appear a different shape than you're used to seeing, one that is thinner and longer. If you are of the proportions that can make these designs work you'll enjoy a provocative and eye-catching profile. Pulse Underwear Swing Pouch Jock www. Product Page Probably one of the most daring and aggressive pouch designs with a full mesh front, there's nothing left to the imagination.

Undergear model wearing C-In2 Bamboo slider brief. You can see there's a different elongated look to the structure of the pouch on C-In2's bamboo slider brief compared to other typical underwear. Your Personal Results May Be Different One of the interesting side-effects of large pouch-size underwear is that the pouch operates more like a "skin" for your anatomy rather than a lift and support garment so the visual results will be unique and more reflective of the wearer's endowment than many other types of underwear.

The size of your package is going to more clearly affect the shape of the pouch in these briefs as well as the proportion and natural resting location of your balls in comparison to your penis. Keep in mind that these pouches often work very well for guys that could use the extra room up front as they provide needed room but still offer support.

Obviously Underwear Model Photography www. Product Page Your results might be different depending on your anatomy as you can see this model fills out the pouch a little differently from the Obviously Underwear model. Product Page For any guy that is a little less than super-sized, an extended pouch can cause some undesirable excess fabric punching on the pouch which unfortunately only emphasizes what you aren't filling out rather than enhancing your profile.

Product Page Even guys with some reasonable size can have some challenges properly filling out the pouch of an enhancement design which results in some unfortunate fabric bunching. Product Page As a general rule you want to ensure you can fill out the pouch and stretch the fabric properly for a smooth fit.

Otherwise the loose fabric tends to emphasize what's not going on down under. If you've got the size then your profile will be properly filled out in an extended pouch.

If you are not able to fill the pouch out the extra fabric will start to wrinkle and bunch up around the lower edges of the pouch. Unusual pouch shapes Probably one of the more inconsistent factors of enhancement pouch underwear is how the shape of the pouch will end up looking. Since the cut of the pouch is more generous it's not going to create a "packaging" effect for your entire profile and thus the length and shape of your member as well as the size and arrangement of your balls will strongly influence the look of the underwear.

In some cases you may get a "golf club" look or a "bird beak" result from the underwear. Neither of these are a given since it's very much the result of the individual wearer's proportions but here are a couple of interesting examples where the extended pouch results in some slightly unusual profiles: The extended pouch in this Tulio brief resulted with this model's package ending up in a somewhat unusual, almost golf-club like shape.

You care more about shape than lift in your underwear, you want an extreme profile and look to your package and you like variety of style, fabric and color in your underwear cuts. You like to show-off your assets and want to be seen and noticed.

You can pull off the extended pouch look with your endowment and can properly fill out the package shape. Padded underwear seems to be marketed and talked about a lot less frequently than other types of enhancing underwear. Perhaps there's an extra "taboo" or implied sense of embarrassment in going that one step further to using padding to enhance your profile.

I personally think guys should be happy to try out any kind of underwear and enjoy whatever level or type of enhancement they want to see. Padded underwear is less common compared to the other enhancement techniques with the premiere designer and manufacturer being Gregg Homme with their complete line of "Push-Up" padded underwear ranging from thongs to boxerbriefs.

The Padding is achieved with an interior pocket where a foam shaped insert can be slipped in which provides extra contouring and shaping to your package making things seem bigger and more rounded. Because the padding is going to create a somewhat "smoothed" look to your anatomy it's going to reveal itself as a form of enhancement more readily than some of the other options featured in this article.

The upside to padded underwear is that it's very comfortable and easy to wear for all-day activities. Other labels including Undergear and Go Softwear have sewn padding into the pouches of the underwear designs which makes going without the enhancement not an option. Example diagram of a padded insert providing extra dimension and shape to an underwear pouch. Gregg Homme Push Up Brief www. Gregg Homme push-up padded jock with shaped foam insert removed from interior pocket. You want all-day visual enhancement under clothes and won't be seen wearing in your underwear by anyone who you don't want to know you're getting and extra boost.

You want to have the look of a fuller package that is still supportive, shaping and suitable for a variety of activities.

If there's one thing that the process of researching and tracking down this exhaustive inventory taught me it's that there are now a plethora of options for men who are looking for ways to enhance their profile. It's amazing to see how many options their are on the market today compared to just 5 years ago. Slings, rings, straps, snaps, pockets, pouches and padding are all available in a variety of colors, fabrics and styles.

Clearly men's underwear is coming into its own as a fashion item and I can only imagine it getting more interesting and more fun down the road. I hope this guide has been interesting and perhaps useful for your underwear purchasing adventures and thanks for reading! Now's your chance to contribute to the dialogue.

Have this item already? Not sure about buying? Share what's holding you back. It is worth trying. Thong is an interesting undergarment because of its design. It offers a bare minimum cover at the front and a string on the back. This provides a minimal coverage to accentuate your size. It gives your member a lift up and out to create a noticeable bulge down there. This will complement your shape and size to make you look more attractive and desirable. Also, it offers great support and very comfortable to wear that you can wear it when you do your running or while working out.

It is also great for work. This is available in a variety of sizes to cater different waistlines:. This thong is also available in different colors, pretty sure you will find one that complements your shape and size. For instance, there is metal black, black, dazzblack, purple, navy, pink, wine, red, turquoise, white, royal, dazzroyal, yellow and nude to name a few. If you love a combination of colors, Joe Snyder Thong is also available in snake, black and white stripe or jail, camo, newsprint and rainbow.

However, just like the other products on our list, the size might be small. Thus, oversize men might not find a size that fit them. So make sure to check the chart size before ordering one to ensure that you will receive the perfect size.

A number of men who bought this as their first thong were impressed with the comfort it delivers. This item is another thong that is capable of enhancing your profile. This underwear is another proof that thongs are very comfortable and convenient. Owning one is a must for every man. It has a sexy sheer mesh with attached covered elastic enhancer ring to improve your bulge down there. Its contour shape adds lift to make the enhancement more visible and the results are impressive.

This thong has a perfect fit and feel. It is very comfortable to wear even with the strap on all day. Some wear it when they are working out. Some wear it all day even in work. The results are visible under your gym shorts. Also, just like Joe Snyder Thong, this is very sexy and would make a great props if you want to tease your partner or get her in the mood. As for maintenance, this underwear can be machine washed cold and line dry.

However, you should not bleach, tumble dry, iron or dry clean. However, unlike Joe Snyder, which is available in a variety of colors, this thong is only available in two colors: This thong is very good but although some find it comfortable, the c-ring can be a bit tight if worn throughout the day. Overall, Gregg Homme Thong is a great male enhancement underwear. It is comfortable and very convenient to use.

It is also effective in adding the size of our bulge down there. This product is highly recommended. This is another great find for men who wish to improve their looks in their underwear. Finding a good support undergarment that offers comfort at the same time is quite difficult to find. It is imported and machine washable for your convenience and comfort. It is equipped with a patented C-In2 sling support about 0.

This sling support is flat and is made from an adjustable elastic that gives you extra profile and of course, extra confidence.

It is very comfortable to wear and has a great fit. For your comfort and convenience, the package includes an easy to follow instructions on how to use this wonder brief. The size is perfect and the design is smart.

However, although this is a great product, sizes could be an issue for some men. I realized that the pouch can be too small for men with a large groin. Also, the sling needs getting used to, so you can maximize its results. In fact, in the first use, it can be awkward. For instance, when walking the movement might force the sling to roll and turn into a string loop instead of an elastic wide loop that can tug your member and that would be uncomfortable or painful. Despite its limitations, this product remains impressive especially when it comes to improving our profile.

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